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Precision hole drilling in moly plates

Grid Plate Manufacturing

Grid plate assembly

Testing grid hole size and concentricity using CMM

Ion Source

CES manufactures, rebuilds, cleans and supplies components for ion source assemblies for hi-tech industries.

Experienced: CES has 19 years of experience cleaning and rebuilding grids for ion source assemblies. 


Manufactured in our California facility: We manufacture our grid assembly components in-house with extremely tight tolerances, and our molded ceramics are made to our specifications by our manufacturing partner. 

Complete grid services: We perform complete grid services, from incoming inspection and disassembly to cleaning, assembly, and testing. 


  • We ship our complete grid assemblies in cases specially-designed to move delicate products safely around the world.

  • We can supply all parts individually, in complete application kits, or in custom kits designed to customer needs. 


Ion Source Operations

Components installed on grid assembly

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